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Ep. 30 - Sundar Vembu - Nature on medium format

The experience of photography on medium format

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Rajeev Nedumaran
Hello beautiful people! This is your host Rajeev! I sit down every week with fellow photographers, both amateur and professional, to discuss their craft and their approach to it - both as a hobby and as a business. It is a deep dive into why they do what they do. This is the show where you can learn from fellow creatives and get inspired on your photography journey. Appreciate every one of you listening. You keep me going! Leave this podcast a review on podchaser, apple, google podcasts or spotify. It helps grow this show. Happy listening!
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Hello, beautiful people! Welcome back to photo country with Rajeev.  You're listening to episode number 30.  It's been a while since the last episode. My last episode was in September. I took a month’s break to catch up on a few things. I've been hard at work, refreshing my website. Now both my photography folio and my workshops all have one common home. So do visit

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In this episode, we talked to Mr. Sundar Vembu, from Los Angeles, California. He's an accomplished film photographer. He's known for his images of the vast landscapes of the national parks of the U S. The forgotten city of Machu, Pichu, and such wonderful natural sites of the world.

He shoots on medium format and loves to capture the natural vistas of the world. Many of his photographs display forgotten towns of the American west, US national parks and sites like Macchu Picchu and Patagonia in South America.

I really love his almost infra red like to his imagery and have been wanting to get him on the podcast for a while. Finally, the stars aligned and here we are.

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Thank you Mr. Sundar Vembu for coming on the podcast. I learnt a lot about enjoying the process of taking the photograph and to slow down before I click the shutter button.

You can follow his work on instagram -

Thank you, Mr. Sundar Vembu for your time. I learned a lot about slowing down and enjoying the process of photography. I hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as I did bringing this to you. If you think there is another awesome photographer out there that I should be talking to, then please email me on

As always share, like, and subscribe to my substack channel. I hope to meet you on the next episode with another interesting conversation on photography. Till then stay safe and keep clicking.  This is Rajeev signing off.

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