Nov 15 • 22M

Ep.31 - Karuna Muthu, A Kiwi Yogi & His Photographs

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Rajeev Nedumaran
Hello beautiful people! This is your host Rajeev! I sit down every week with fellow photographers, both amateur and professional, to discuss their craft and their approach to it - both as a hobby and as a business. It is a deep dive into why they do what they do. This is the show where you can learn from fellow creatives and get inspired on your photography journey. Appreciate every one of you listening. You keep me going! Leave this podcast a review on podchaser, apple, google podcasts or spotify. It helps grow this show. Happy listening!
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Karuna Muthu - Photocountry Podcast

Before I start my day, I go around taking photographs and then again I have a favorite cafe there called Mirror by the river. A river. And I sit there, start editing the photographs I took in the morning by Sun Rice. Now I find using the Lightroom to edit them is very therapeutic. I'm editing, I'm also preparing my day, I'm thinking about the things that I want to do and so on. So I find taking photo photos and also editing them on Lightroom is very therapeutic and it helps me to unwind and also focus. - Karuna Muthu

Hello, beautiful people! You're listening to Rajeev. And this is episode 31 of photo country. If you love photography and want to discover new photographers to follow, this is the podcast you need to listen to. Do consider signing up for my sub stack channel.

In this episode, I caught up with Mr. Karuna Muthu, a lawyer, investor and an ardent photography enthusiast from Wellington New Zealand.

He also happens to be related to me, but that's not the reason I am talking to him today. He is the quintessential modern travel photographer, armed with his trusted iPhone and occasionally using a Sony mirrorless. He captures the places he passes through and uses Lightroom to edit and to unwind.

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Thank you, kiwiyogi2, for coming on this podcast. Incidentally that is his Instagram handle. You can catch all the Zen like photos on his feed. Incidentally that is his Instagram handle. Talking about episode 32, I caught up with Ravindran Solomon, a creative director from Wunderman Thompson based out of Chennai, India. He's a visual poet, capturing slices of life on his iPhone and complementing them with a few lines of poetry. I had great fun catching up with an old friend. So make sure you're subscribed to my substack channel and not miss any of my episodes. Till then stay safe and keep clicking.

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