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Hello beautiful people! This is your host Rajeev! I sit down every week with fellow photographers, both amateur and professional, to discuss their craft and their approach to it - both as a hobby and as a business. It is a deep dive into why they do what they do. This is the show where you can learn from fellow creatives and get inspired on your photography journey. Appreciate every one of you listening. You keep me going! Leave this podcast a review on podchaser, apple, google podcasts or spotify. It helps grow this show. Happy listening! Never miss an update.

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Photo Country is a podcast that explores the lives and stories of photographers from different countries and cultures. Each episode features an interview with a photographer who shares their passion, inspiration, challenges, and tips on photography.


Rajeev is a photographer, podcaster & educator based in Auckland, New Zealand. He is passionate about photography and loves to shoot flowers and still life.